Top best survival knives

The Best Survival Knife for Everyday Use

best top survival knives
There is a big list of survival knives that fit into the best survival knives category each and every one dependent on the intended use. They range from big heavy blades like the Ontario RTAK 2 measuring in at 16.5 inches and weighting a 2.2lbs solid to the ultra versatile Ka-Bar best top survival knivesBecker BK2 at only 10 overall and weighting less than a pound. Pointless to say it is harsh to narrow down the absolute best survival knives because your future use has a lot to do with the blade that you select.

Gerber LMF 2 ASEK tops the list for all around top survival knives. The specs on this blade arebest top survival knives not just amazing for the woodsman, hunter and camper; they also lend themselves to
everyday use. This knife was designed to be used by downed fighter pilots. The 4.84 inch stainless steel 12c27, partially serrated blade is excellent. The butt of the knife is a good pummel and can be used to break anything from a vehicle window to harsh shellfish. Not to mention that in a protective scenario it has another end, the business end to the knife.

The cover of the LMF 2 is another big selling feature. The blade locks into location in the Kydex portion of the cover and fits extremely firmly. The 2 straps that grip the handle in place are nylon and have an instant closure. It is better to have a snap instead of Velcro.

Fixed blade

The best survival knives choice is a fixed blade knife; it is hands down the best kind of tool for open-air survival. These knives are designed to take punishment and abuse. They are often used for chopping, shelter building, fixed as a spear tip, prying, fire building, hammering and dozens of other jobs.Top best survival knives
There are some features that you need to look for when finding the best survival knives for you such as making sure there is a complete tang blade. Full tang is a term that explains a one piece of metal that begins as a blade and continues through the full handle.

Lanyard holes

Lanyard holes are holes found on a survival knife where rope or cord can be fastened to. You want to ensure that your knife has at least one of these at the base below the grip. Some top survival knives will have further lanyard holes below the blade so that the knife can be simply fastened to a pole as a spear. You can perform this with a single lanyard hole as well but three makes it simpler.


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